Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Thanks for Asking, Though

One of the things I've discovered in almost a quarter century of living in Connecticut which is part of New England is that sports allegiances can be a funny and sometimes tricky thing.

At one time there was the Hartford Whalers who are now the Carolina Hurricanes though there's still some wistful murmurings about 'bring back the Whale' from people whose driver's licenses indicate their first names are not Ishmael.

Because of where Connecticut is, on either side of I-95 between New York and Boston, not so surprisingly fans for most of the major sports are  nearly evenly split. But loyalty seems to be stuck in duality; for baseball it's either the Yankees or the Red Sox; in football, the Patriots or the Giants and so on.  There's not a lot of room in fans' hearts for the Mets or the Jets among others.

I smiled reading a "Take Our Poll" online survey in one of our local papers about do you intend to watch the Super bowl now that the Patriots are spectators. Not surprisingly, two-thirds of the respondents said "no" meaning the road to hell around here is a dirt path, I guess.

I suspect newspapers in Arizona had a similar survey though since the Cardinals play in the University of Phoenix stadium, and (as you probably know) the University of Phoenix is an online enterprise I'm not sure what the responses would look like. I figure there's better than even money these guys don't even know a game was played and lost Sunday. (Though I do think Jason Keil is on to something when he's writing about Jane Lynch)  

Sorry NFL/CBS, I am calling it Super Bowl L, not 50 because you knuckleheads bought a ticket for roman numerals when this all started in the LA Coliseum five decades ago and when you buy a ticket I think you should get the whole ride.    

So for a lot of folks, here's an opportunity for some quality quiet introspection time before the big game. And in that spirit, consider this: there's more to life than pro football. Just how much more, you can find out about here.
-bill kenny

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