Sunday, January 3, 2016

Too Late for a Retrospective?

The first weekend of the new year is over halfway done. We only get fifty-two of them, and yipes! the first of them is just about gone despite all that stuff we promised ourselves this time last week that we would do this week and every week beyond. 

I stumbled across a closing-of-the-age epistle I launched in this space back when writing and posting the words every day was sort of scary, not just to others who might come across it, but to me. Maybe most especially to me. I updated some of the references because, in the almost a decade since I first wrote it, only God and I knew what I meant originally and now that number has been halved.

I started writing this blog, rant, bark at the moon, confessional, in October 2008. I stumbled across this mechanism to post it, otherwise, I would have had to invent it, and being an idiot, that would not have been pretty. 

If this is the first time you've been here, I could tell you this is just part of an off-day, but then you'd look at another entry and realize that was untrue. If you've been here before, thanks for the use of your eyes and your brain--as you've long since figured out, I don't write this for you, or anyone else. I write it for me. I had decades with no place to put my words and now there is here. 

I had every intention of sharing some of the early scribblings, so to speak, today but I've changed my mind. I sometimes forget I can do that and not have to worry about disappointing anyone (except myself). I'm still struggling with how much 'new me' I can stand for the new year (and that whole 'old dog and new tricks' thing keeps popping up and it's a valid point, much like the one on my head, I'm sorry to say).

I think we both know we can change our way of living and thinking anytime we desire to so do; we needn't tie it to a date on a calendar though I often feel most comfortable doing just that. In a sense, that's the nice thing about us as a species; we can start anywhere at any time and we can also start again. 

I keep coming back to a song stuck in my head about 'we're a short time here and a long time gone,' so if you're waiting for a sign to do or to be here in the New Year other than what you were in the Last Year, consider that graphic above that I lifted from Adam your sign. 

And remember, s/he who hesitates is lunch.
-bill kenny

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