Thursday, January 21, 2016

Quite Contrary February

Because this is a leap year, we're having this conversation today rather than yesterday. Three hundred and sixty-five days from now we will inaugurate the forty-fourth President of these United States.

Assuming, of course, we haven't torn ourselves into fifty (or more) smaller pieces populated for the most part with smarmy obliviots so consumed with their own sense of self-righteousness that they are unable to see how the number of things we share in common is so many more times larger than our differences.

At some point on January 20, 2017, Barack Hussein Obama will watch as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swears in as his successor, whomever some, part or most of us elect the first Tuesday of this November.

If you're bracing for a #FeeltheBern sales pitch, sorry to disappoint you. I will most definitely vote and you probably know for whom but that's not my point today. We are just weeks away from the beginning of the 'presidential primary season starting with Iowa and New Hampshire' where afterwards in state after state across our country registered voters of the two respective parties will huddle and cuddle (okay, maybe not so much) and muddle their way to some form of a decision on a nominee for the Office of President.

You know what President Obama looks like; here are the forty-three (white men) who preceded him. Take a good look at the faces and the names then mentally put your choice in a frame and take a good look at what you see.

Get yourself an eyeful and decide if that's who you want. Your portrait choice is the face of who we were, in the space of who we are, becoming, before our very eyes, the who we are to be. Choose wisely and well.
-bill kenny

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