Monday, December 26, 2016

Buy One Manger, Get the Other One Half Off!

Merchants across these states, united, are battening down hatches and rolling back prices even as you read this. Across this great land, racing faster than even the sun from East to West, the Day after Christmas sales have already started. 

Some stores, I've read, will have opened at six this morning or even earlier. As unconscionable as I find this to do to the people working in the store (many leading merchants NEVER closed last week leading up to Christmas) in light of the economic realities that drive our capitalist society, I guess faced with getting up two hours early to go to work, and the very real possibility that I might not have a job if we don't get close to earnings targets, I'd skip the shut-eye.

A lot of talk and type about what could be a return to the Cold War in the coming years because of choices we made and or failed to.I really hope not as I did a reasonable amount of hide under the desk, turn away from the window and don't look at the flash, as a kid growing up and I'd prefer to not transition to my dotage in the same manner. 

And it's not just the Commies and their Mommies I'm concerned about, though Vlad the Impaler does disquiet me a not inconsiderable amount. I'm also trying to keep an eye on those whackjobs who yell about All In the Snackbar or something and who consider us and our beliefs as if we are polytheistic cockroaches

It's not God so much who frightens me, but Her/His followers. On all sides of The Book. I've been on this ride here on the Big, Blue Marble for almost six and half decades and the dangers change but the fear always remains and I'm awfully tired of living looking over my shoulder for something I've never seen while checking out the Homeland Security color codes as if Armageddon comes as a paint by numbers set now.  

Just something else to think about today while standing in line to return for store credit something you oohed and aahed over yesterday morning under the Christmas Tree. I told you those Size-44 Triple E jump boots were NOT slimming but did you listen? Hark the sales associates sing, take 15% more off everything. Alleluia.
-bill kenny

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