Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Refurbishing Room 101

During the demolition derby that masqueraded as the 2016 Presidential campaign, the victor railed against speeches, at hundreds of thousands of dollars a pop, his opponent gave at meetings of the same Wall Street concern whose executives are now populating his Cabinet. Some of that action may require the true believers to take two hits of the Kool-Aid to get the appropriate bellyfeel.

He pledged to drain the swamp of cozy collaboration and to end the revolving door employment exchanges between the 1% and other 99% (to include those learning, somewhat with a shock on a daily basis, that they are now in that 99%) but has instead accelerated the revolutions per minute at which the door turns.

He's populating Cabinet positions like MiniluvMinipax, and Miniplenty with characters and actually caricatures of characters who appear to have minimums of ability in critical areas that proles such as I would think were helpful in what I would assume should be the faithful discharge of their duties.

And despite having dined out almost every day for eight years on the insistent and persistent canard that his White House predecessor was actually a citizen of Kenya, he chooses to not believe any of the evidence gathered by professional agencies whose job is to report the very items he disbelieves on deliberate interference by a foreign power in the recently concluded national election.

Next Monday could be the grand opening of the place where there is no darkness.
It may look frightening but as the Minitrue minions will explain, who are you gonna believe, your own eyes or someone else's. Don't think before you answer.
-bill kenny


Lee Hilliard said...

Be afraid. Very afraid.
MW, I'll be looking up some .SE urls....

William Kenny said...

Remember that old expression, 'cheer up, it could be worse.'?
I'm afraid someone did cheer up because it seems to be getting worse