Thursday, December 22, 2016

It Wasn't a Tallest Finger Contest?

The game may be afoot if Sherlock Holmes is to be believed but at least for one (former) member of the University of Connecticut Women's soccer team, it's not the "beautiful game." Certainly not anymore and actually, not even close.

I love everything about what the rest of the world calls football and that we call 'soccer.' The strategy, the athleticism, the selflessness and the thrill of victory. I'm not a huge fan of the agony of defeat, having been on the receiving foot so to speak of the unforgiving boot of Dame Fortune once or twice but that is a part of the sport.

Soccer, like all sports, is competitive, and moments of triumph will cause you to verbalize and/or embody your emotions sometimes in ways that you might wish to take back if such an action were possible. Sadly, that cannot always be done.

For instance, when I close my eyes, this picture could almost be "we're #1."

Except it isn't of course. What it is actually is a still frame from live video on ESPNU of a 2014 American Conference Championship game between the University of Connecticut and University of South Florida, with the winner (guess who that was) earning a berth in the NCAA tournament.

This past Monday afternoon, the former UConn player, Noriana Radwan, seen above showing which of her fingers had roast beef, explained at a press conference that she is suing UConn for violating her right to due process, civil rights, her scholarship agreement as well as violating Title IX.

I understand her attorney's point: male athletes have done worse and been punished less. And I can understand how that treatment makes her feel. I hope you don't think too poorly of me when I wonder just how much money her lawsuit wants to assuage her feelings.

And I would hope you don't hurt my feelings by telling me how little you think of me for voicing that kind of cynicism. Trust me when I tell you my lawyer assures me that you can't afford it.
-bill kenny


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