Monday, December 19, 2016

Ghost of Christmas Future Passed

A week from today, Christmas will be past tense. 

We'll be gathering up the wrapping paper and ribbon and sorting it out for the recycling bins. 
Those of us NOT doing this will be heading to shops and malls to return what we got and didn't want or to gobble up a 'post-holiday' bargain. Or both. There'll be a raft of situations where 'you're not the only cuddly toy' (Thanks, Harry N) and why not take advantage of it? 

Most importantly. We can stop wishing one another 'happy holidays.' 

I've always been troubled that people who for 50 weeks out of the year will cross the street to avoid me, will wish me 'all the best for the holidays', either unheeding or uncaring of the contradiction of the rest of the year. For those who celebrate something other than Christmas, or who don't celebrate at all, what do they make of this synthetic snowglobe world we create (and then casually, and callously, discard)? 

Are they impressed or discouraged by how quickly, like the passing of a fever, 'normal' returns with all its petty frustrations and intrigues? Should they, and we, spend more time and energy truly making the 'holiday season' fifty-two weeks long or concede the Christmas we get we deserve
-bill kenny

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