Friday, December 2, 2016

In the spirit of the season

It's almost time to accept that this weekend we may not be as successful in avoiding holiday shopping as we were last time around.

For instance, I think I've used my go-to line, "the money's all broken," for the very last time this season on my beloved. I'm pretty sure if I try to drag it out again I'll get a swift swat to the back of my head and it won't be a love-tap.

Truth to tell, I think she's still angry about the full-blown hysterical tantrum I threw last year in the parking lot at the hardware super-store, but in my defense, they had that coming what with having sold out of most but not all, of the wire and light Santa's reindeer. In our political climate, what kind of person chooses The Magi as a substitute for Rudolph?

So, if this is the weekend we must yield to commerce, I hope this helps reframe your perspective.
-bill Kenny

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