Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I'm Even Faster in Kilometers

I turn sixty-five years old better tomorrow, which upon review and consultation is even faster (and better) in kilometers. But that's not my point (I'm wearing a hat as I type this so it's harder to see) though it helps, I suppose.

I always call my Mom on my birthday to say 'thank you' since without her and her husband, my Dad, none of this would be happening, and they raised all of us to have a modicum of manners. All of this is my way of suggesting to you if you were going to call or email or message or text me to offer congratulations (for being another successful example of biology and the power of gravity during childbirth), how about you consider something else that will make you feel good because you'll be helping do actual good.

I found this a while back on Facebook (no, not fake news or alt-facts), but it's a way to fund raise for any number of causes using an occasion like your birthday as the platform and I would be very grateful if you would consider doing so.

We have athletes in my family, with sisters and a brother who run marathons in support of deserving causes for those in need of help, and it occurred to me as someone who is regarded as a champion skater (that's a Marine joke) by many, I could attempt to help as well, so I shall try. And you can ask almost anyone about how trying I am, so thanks for your help.

It's not like I've given up wanting a pony ride for my birthday because I'll want one or more even if I always have Paris (not Hilton, the other one), but this idea means I can skip having to rent a saddle and chaps.

And pants. I forgot to rent them last year and a lot of folks, to include me (but most especially the horse), were really sore.
-bill kenny          


Lee Hilliard said...

Was that Marine joke Le Pen? Assume so, even with the Casablanca ref. [Chuckled In Silently (CIS)]
Anyway, You'll love that co-pays go away, which could save you enough for a two-hour pony rental! Tor!
Und, viel mehr.

William Kenny said...

Bigly, or as Ivanka learned earlier today in Berlin, 'we invented alt-right!'