Friday, April 21, 2017

Requiem for a Blowhard

When Larry and Alex regard the Fox News Channel as "Main Stream Media," Houston (and Cleveland, and Scranton, and Dayton, and Fresno, and all points in between) we have a problem. All three of those websites cause my browser to shiver and their perspectives on world events, both large and small, never fail to perplex me.

It's been a rough thirty-six hours (and more) for all of them, what with their Culture Warrior, Bill O'Reilly, having taken one in the 'nads (I prefer the more traditional spelling with the apostrophe) at the hands of a large contingent of SJWs and will in all likelihood hurt himself trying to carry to the bank the tens of millions of dollars in settlement money he'll receive from his now former employer.

It's wrong to gloat though I have been known to enjoy a certain amount of schadenfreude so I admit to chuckling at this farewell to the Bloviator. None of that helps reduce the humiliation and feelings of inadequacy and injury to self-worth that many, many women employed at, by, and with Fox News Channel endured at the hands (small and otherwise) of O'Reilly and the other sexual predators in Ailes' Guy Club. I can't offer anything more than that which he refuses to do, which is an apology though I know it is entirely inadequate (in much the same way as he is).

To formally mark the end of an error, please let me share a truly magical interview moment from long ago when No Spin Bill met No Shit Dave and was absolutely o.w.n.e.d.

Farewell, you "self-righteous landfill of angry garbage."
-bill kenny

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