Monday, April 24, 2017

Nice Weather on a Day We Could Use It

Saturday around these parts was a washout; actually more like a drizzle out, but yesterday! Just look!

Gorgeous, innit? Those views are NOT actually from my house, but rather some of the views my brother Adam enjoyed while running at his house.  Here's my view of his view.

Not shown in this photo are the very spiffy swimming trunks I'm wearing just in case.

Actually on my walk yesterday, I enjoyed a neighbor's initiative in planting daffodils in the berm between the curb of the street and where the sidewalk starts. I think they look lovely, and they made me smile.

On my way back from the grocery, I met the youngest and smallest squirrel I have ever encountered. I suspect I was the oldest and/or ugliest bi-ped it has ever met (so far).

I could hear you musing at how much the me in that photo at the computer resembles that squirrel. Sticks and stones, my precious. And speeding cars, if you're a small squirrel.

This was another part, and just about the capper to my walk yesterday.

Another view of which I never tire.
-bill kenny

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