Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Putting the G in OMG

Perhaps because it's Easter Week or, as of sundown tonight, Passover, I've noticed a lot of Facebook Postings either to or about God. Admittedly there are still far fewer pictures of Jesus than of Grumpy Cat, and I certainly don't wish to suggest they are interchangeable images or that anyone is keeping count (but they are, I'm sure). 

Anyway, back to the Lord. An important part of many people's faith or the practice of it, better said  I think, is the public testimony and in that sense, all the social media platforms offer an opportunity to do that (except maybe myspace; a decade-too-late snarky remark at their expense, sorry).

Expressions of faith always discomfit me. I think that's due to a number of personal factors like being a Roman Catholic. No matter how good the Good News is, we were programmed as kids in parochial school to wait for the other shoe to drop. And eventually, it did. I think maybe Catholics in general have a less intimate relationship with the Deity than other religions. 

For my part, I was raised in the faith of my fathers and I didn't leave it so much as it left me so there's that sin of pride thing going on, adding to my problems on the Last Day and the Big Pop Quiz or however the final selections are made. (Add to that now the whole 'you compared Jesus to the Grumpy Cat!?!' I'll never explain that away). With my luck, they'll be a sing-off and won't that be just ducky?

I suppose if you believe in an All-Seeing and All-Knowing God, S/He would monitor Facebook. Kind of wonder if S/He would have an account. I know S/He has a fan page though a quick run through raises more questions than anything else since the whole "God Updates" name confuses me. Why not Twitter? It's more like a burning bush and that was good enough for Moses. In light of how we've followed them perhaps the Ten Commandments were actually snap chatted. It certainly covers that 'moves in mysterious ways' thing that's always a topic.  

I'm thinking for some of The Flock, the Lord may be a kind of McAfee or Norton virus protection and every once in awhile we like to wander off the beaten path just to watch the pop-up window signal us, and Will Robinson, of impending danger. I wonder how many 'likes' all of the loosely affiliated with Divine Providence pages manage to generate on Facebook in a day or a week and how that number compares to how many people are online and playing Farmville? There are Farmville Dollars you know; if you were looking for motivation and salvation in the next life wasn't doing it for you. Just saying. 

I mean, how many times can anyone thumbs up the Mckayla Maroney meme? Jesus is easy.
-bill kenny

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