Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm Wondering if the Ducks Will Be Back

A lot of us have had less than ideal weather so far this weekend and are sad and downhearted. I know three people who have put up with what we have and arent.

My brother, Adam, my sister, Kara, and her husband, Russ, are in the Central Park Marathon today in the World's Capital, New York City (along with about 1,500 other people). I do not know any of Those other people and that's a big reason why I'm not rooting for them. And quite frankly in a marathon as I understand it, you want people to finish, where is an academic consideration.

Both Adam and Kara are my younger siblings (technically speaking all of younger siblings are) but they are much younger as we were a large family Who Took our sweet time getting here. That's a major reason why I found it funny That they would choose to be runners (they're not the only ones, our sister, Jill, I have been told, is the most focused person on earth and very physically fit) and I can Their only hope That whatever weather, they can stay out of it long enough to finish with times That will please them and soothe Their competitive souls.

There's a difference between running to live and living to run, even Holden had difficulties with the concept, and they do not need an enfeebled oldest brother to offer them a blinding glimpse of the obvious .  

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