Thursday, February 7, 2013

Live from the Straight-Face News Agency

My brother, Adam is soaking up the sun this week in Florida which will make his transition over the weekend back to the land of ice and snow (insert your imitation Led Zeppelin wail here) a little bit harder than if he had been in New Foundland, which  I'm told is quite lovely this time of year. Or lonely, I'm not sure which, come to think of it.  

I mention Adam because he makes his living as an attorney and while I'm pretty sure he doesn't do too much work in criminal law, I suspect (whether he would agree with me or not) some of his clients are probably thought of as criminal by other people. When he warms up after his return I may ask him what he makes of this guy and his defense.

The ghost of Dan White? That's as may be. In any event it seems we've gone from Starsky and Hutch to Stearns & Foster. I'll switch the siren to lullaby so we don't wake anyone up during the chase.
-bill kenny

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