Friday, February 15, 2013

Jezebel (and her Sister)

Now that the torrent of words from the State of the Union have washed over us, what do we have to show for it, or despite it? More talking at one another rather than to each other, I fear. More 'your guy is a jerk' meets 'your guy drinks his own bathwater. We vow to never forget those who got us into this mess and we lie every time we make that vow.

I believe the reason why we are beset by a sea of troubles so large at this point in our country's history as to be boundless and beyond comprehension is because we do NOT remember the names of those whom we elect to work for us but who, instead, enrich themselves (from both sides of the aisle).

Earlier this week the political litmus test was the vote on Violence against Women; perhaps next we'll go to the mat over funding desperately needed infrastructure for cities or universal pre-school for our children. I'm not smart so I don't understand how anyone can oppose these things.

But we pick a side and fight a pitched battle over complex issues issues such as meaningful spending reductions or an extension of unemployment benefits ( or a hundred other issues of great import) that we attempt to 'handle' with shouted slogans and drive-by sound bytes because we don't wish to listen to anyone think, even ourselves.

The ad hominem attacks against one or the other political party that are now deep into the second decade might almost be funny if they were not so transparently pathetic and far too often true.Watching the Constitutionally mandated State of the Union delivered by the President of the United States and then whatever those yammerings were that followed him I just held my head in my hands.

In light of the generations of men and women (of every political persuasion) who sacrificed their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for our nation the best we can do, and the least we should do, is be the best citizens we can be and prove ourselves worthy and deserving of their sincere selflessness and last ounce of devotion. Instead we sit in the dark and cry about whose to blame for the loss of the sun.
-bill kenny

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