Friday, February 8, 2013

Talk about Change We Can Believe In

With apologies to Chuck Dickens (no relation to Chuck Darwin who, in turn, is no relation to Chuck Norris) and with more of a literary learner's permit htna license, I fear these, my friend, may be the worst of times and not so much the best of times.

We are not exactly taking up arms against a sea of troubles, but rather taking turns pointing figers at people, political parties and perspectives on global events we have decided are to 'blame' for where we are and how we got here. How any of that will, or can, help get us to where we want to go as a nation or as a community (sometimes it's best to start local as in anaesthetic) is beyond my poor powers of comprehension.

And the simpler the solution the greater its seductive power. Yes, Virginia, there is a separate currency and you're about to spend a penny to prove it. Actually, I'm being dramamtic-all that's almost (because nothing is decided) goin gto happen in the Commonwealth is that their state legislature is going to 'study' the idea of Virginia coining its own money. 

There are barriers to states printing money but with Utah leading the way on state coins used as love me legal tender (Elvis' estate called and said 'not the best idea you've ever had'), just like they did on the Chisholm Trail a hundred and forty years ago, it's hard to know where this trend could go and when it will stop.

Because everything does stop, especially thinking especially in American ploticis, we can be guarnateed that stop it will at some point. And whn it fails to be the panacea some of s so desprately wanted it to be, the rest of us will blame a variety of people and institutions. Which, in case you forgot, is exactly where we came in. Sure feels good to have a familiar problem, doesn't it?
-bill kenny

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