Saturday, February 2, 2013

You Could Have Assumed there Would Be a Bill Murray Joke in Here Somewhere

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that more Americans believe in Punxsutawney Phil than believe in climate change. For my part, I believe Al Gore, former inventor of the Internet, former Vice-President of the United States, former founder of Current TV (whose ownership just changed nothing more than last names, really, from Gore to Jazeera), and former husband of Tipper, is starting to look more and more like the rodent himself. How Amazing is that?

Seriously. Who did you expect on this day, Bill's Phil or Phil's Bill? Y'know, you were close on this one. Really, really close.
-bill kenny


Mike Byrnes said...

Mr. Kenny:

I regret to say that your posts have the car wreck affect on me. I really don't want to look, but I can't help myself.

You got me again with the "2 Al's" comment. Congrats. I'm still watching.

dweeb said...

Oh lord, now I'll have to start to use spellcheck and capitalization. Thanks for reading-hopeit warms you up for other, worthwhile stuff.

Mike Byrnes said...

Yesterday I pondered my use of "affect", and whether it was correct.

I resisted my inclination to write "effect", and looked it up. Here's what I found,

"Affect means "to influence," as in, "The arrows affected Aardvark," or "The rain affected Amy's hairdo."

I'm still not sure. But I am comforted that you will be checking your own spelling and punctuation.

You are welcome to housekeep my comments as well.

dweeb said...

I often pause for effective affect. And then that stupid insurance duck shows up and--what? oh, AFLAC. All this time, I thought he was Ben's little brother.