Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Other Car

It started Nemoing or Charlotteing a little bit after eight o'clock yesterday morning. You knew something was coming from the air-there were semi-frozen crystals you felt more than touched as the light broke and by nine o-clock very soft snow with tiny flakes was falling.

And falling. And falling. And falling.
Lather, rinse, repeat. You get the idea. When I was in Greenland this time thirty-seven years ago, what has fallen in the last sixteen hours wouldn't be a reason to put your drink down and look out the window. And believe me, we did a lot of drinking.

The snow got heavier as it got dark last night but before it got too dark, the wind picked up considerably and the weight of the snow shifted-basically, it got warmer so there was considerably more water in it, meaning that it weighed more, a lot more.

Taken Friday mid-afternoon, about three inches into the adventure
Across New England this morning anyone with a bad roof on a garage or a shed is waking up to some expensive trouble and I hope those whose houses had a roof repair that was put off until times are better can still afford to wait until then. I used to shovel all the snow by hand when the kids were smaller. They would take turns coming out to hep until they got too cold and went back inside where Sigrid would warm them up by wrapping them in blankets and pumping them full of cocoa. Then they'd come back outside to give their dad a hand. Okay and maybe, but just maybe, also throw a few snowballs.

Four years ago, I got a terrific deal on a snow blower and gave up drinking cocoa forever. I have the funny feeling later today I'm going to be doing ridiculous amounts of both activities. If you are someplace warm and dry and are out of the weather, stay there. I don't care what you think you need, the roads suck and will not be improved by your being on them. Enjoy winter.
-bill kenny


Anonymous said...

I am warm and inside my palatial suite...sipping on cocoa!!!

dweeb said...

And I have my love to keep me warm. And some hot pockets, too.