Monday, April 15, 2013

Deep in the Heart of Taxes

"Taxes are the price we pay for civilization." This is a oft-quoted remark from Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., cited with great frequency today as it is April 15th and the deadline across the USA to not only see the USA in your Chevrolet but to file your income taxes, unless you're GE or any other vertical or horizontal combination in restraint of trade and commerce, a/k/a one of  "Too big to fail" American Corporations that doesn't pay its fair share of taxes.

Hey! You see that ballerina dancing on the Wall Street Bull, to the right of this column? What did you think that meant-I was a victim of the rhythm? Sorry, no.
My heart, after all, does beat on the left side of my chest. And thank goodness, according to the Supreme Court corporations are now people. I wonder how Charlton Heston would feel about that?

But enough with the agit-prop. If you have yet to file your taxes, please do so today. We have a long way to shore and need every oar in the water so put your back into it.

Besides, today is Patriots' Day in Massachusetts, commemorating the firing of the shots the became the Battle of Lexington traditionally seen as the seminal event that got this crazy patchwork of people we call the "United States of America" started down the road to where ever it we are at this moment. And as people like my brother, Adam, and brother-in-law, Russ, can also tell you it's also the day of the running of the Boston Marathon.

This is what I really want to share today. As someone who knows people who served, and still serve, in Afcrapistan, I hope you'll spare a thought for every person in uniform everywhere around the world who places her/himself in harm's way so you and I can complain about paying taxes or marvel at those who run through the streets of Boston (today is the only day I root for the Red Sox, by the way) or any of the millions of other things we shall do today and everyday without a second thought. And then remember to say thank you.
-bill kenny

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