Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jason Collins Is Perpetually Happy?

Washington Wizards' center Jason Collins announced he is a gay man. He didn't have to announce he was a black man, not because no one hadn't yet noticed, but because it matters not to anyone. Perhaps he should have mentioned he's left-handed, but only if he is.

Brittney Griner who redefined women's college basketball in the course of the last four years came out last week while being the #1 draft choice (of as many as two dozen different clubs in eleven different leagues on four different continents). I have no idea what if anything I should feel except relief that the UConn Lady Huskies won't ever play against her again.

We may be bracing for rapid-fire announcements from various and diverse sports figures about their sexuality. The right to tell me exceeds my right to care, to be honest. I can't hardly stand it. I should point out being a flaming heterosexual has never done anything for my baby hook and it certainly didn't make me any better at the diamond and one defense.

You already know my point. The farther out in space you go the more alike we look. Maybe we should take the hint and learn to build bridges from our similarities instead of walls with our differences. And celebrate who we are with one another, whoever we are.
-bill kenny

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