Thursday, April 4, 2013

Troubled Times on the Banks of the Old Raritan

Turns out bigger isn't better. Who'd have thunk it? All the Rutgers University alumni who wanted the basketball program to win in the worst way possible should be very happy.

Talk about losing sight of the original purpose- and I speak as an RU Alum of '74 (and not 1874)- of college athletics. Mission Accomplished. We destroyed the village claiming to save it and then failed to even do that.

It's Thursday and the Scarlet Knights' Post-Mike Rice Hiring Error has entered its second day. Let's see how long we can prolong the agony and the embarrassment. The only people not laughing at us are the ones who haven't heard the story. Yet. They should be coming up out of the bunker anytime now.

I'll practice my look of surprise-you feign dismay and together we'll fool no one. When we tacitly decided that winning at any cost was the goal, who is to blame when we realized we could not pay the price? We could ask Willie the Silent except he, too, is too mortified to speak.
-bill kenny

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