Sunday, April 14, 2013

Home Team Crowd

The Major League Baseball 2013 regular season opened less than two weeks ago and aside from the Atlanta Braves, the season has progressed about the way you would assume a 162 game anything might work after the first ten games.

In hot 'Lanta, they're printing World Series tickets even though no one ever plays the Series in April or wins it then either. All we really know right now is all we ever know at this point in any of the seasons that the majors have ever had since its founding.

Good pitching will always triumph over good hitting. Most of the first month of the season is good pitching because good hitting takes more than just spring training to get right (too many variables beyond hand and eye coordination). After May Day, even as the Russian Army still dance-steps through Red Square, it always seems like the pitching gets worse-it doesn't, the hitters get better.

That's why in addition to NOT playing the Series in April, baseball doesn't name the Cy Young winners in May and holds off on the batting crowns for awhile and waits a skosh before distributing Gold Gloves.

Baseball is always played in the future. Wait until we get our guys back off the DL, wait until the phenom they brought up from Dubuque learns to hit the slider, and, of course, when all else fails, wait until next year.

Few sports that I can think of and none that I love, aside from baseball, are founded on such faith (and hope) in the future. and that's why, with (only) a hundred and fifty games left, you must remember, most especially if you are an Angels or Marlins fan, that green is the color of hope and also the color of the grass in the infield. Enjoy.
-bill kenny

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