Monday, April 29, 2013

People Take Pictures of Each Other

I am rarely this pleasant on a Monday. Come to think of it, though I am reluctant to admit it, I am rarely this pleasant on any day. Perhaps it has something to do with the double birthday celebration we had in these parts yesterday featuring our daughter, Michelle, whose birthday is this Thursday and her codger of a father, who hit 61* last Friday.

My wife, Sigrid, who took the picture, and our son, Michelle's brother, Patrick, were with us on the opposite side of the table .While Sigrid is NOT happy about the back lighting in the restaurant in this shot, she concedes it's a pretty decent picture of half of the family, emphasis on the word  family.

We don't keep keep pictures in our wallets anymore, at least I don't. Instead we store them on line and in albums in 'the cloud' whatever/wherever that is and share humongous long strings of characters, numbers and letters, called universal resource locators, url's, to give to one another so everyone, everywhere, can see proof that we really existed. Just in case someone thought they had missed it.
I have a photograph, preserve your memories; they're all that's left you.
-bill kenny

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