Friday, July 5, 2013

Close to Little Eden

Maybe you did it, too, take off from work today I mean. I wouldn't normally do it, but kicked in the teeth by my employer for a prolonged period of time (decades actually), and now most recently punched in the crotch metaphorically (though it doesn't feel all that metaphoric), I take what I can when I can and besides I asked permission. 

We had a glorious day of weather yesterday here in The Rose of New England, and probably had a longer day than I did as slept in until close to half past ten. Atoned by spending part of the afternoon enjoying the heat in the street with my feet ending up as I so often do at the Norwich Harbor, formed by the confluence of the Thames, Shetucket and Yantic Rivers. 

It was pleasantly busy both on the water and the shore as lots of different people were taking advantage of their day off and the weather for some quality time with family and friends. Same spot after nightfall tonight will be one of the most populated places in the entire state of Connecticut as over 50,000 folks find their way to Norwich for our Harbor fireworks. 

They'll ooh and they'll aah in the rockets' red glare as the bombs are all bursting in air and then they walk back to their cars, drive away and leave us all here and alone to ourselves until next year. And we can't seem to figure out how to break the chain. The pier lights our carnival life forever.
-bill kenny

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