Monday, July 1, 2013

Weather or Not

Yet another Monday. How does this keep happening? We had one of these last week and the week before. Not sure what the point is to a week so rigidly organized unless it's a mistake and as I learned over the weekend no one makes the same mistake twice because the second time it's a choice and NOT a mistake.

I know, how zen. Snatch the pebble from my hand, grasshopper. But hurry; it's a long way to an unhappy ending in a closet in Thailand and a short while to get there.

Our weather Saturday was marvelous and Sigrid and I spent a good portion of it on the boardwalk of Niantic (I don't capitalize boardwalk unless I'm talking about Asbury Park and I'm not), actually to be accurate, near the boardwalk which got hammered really hard by Sandy and still has a ways to go before ALL of it's back. But back it will be sooner rather than later and I wish the good people of East Lyme and Niantic much success in that.

As you can see the beaches and the waters abutting them were filled but with room for plenty more and the living was easy. I had never been to Niantic before, at least that I knew of but the people we met were very good sports even though their luck had run out. It reminded me more of Ocean Grove than Asbury Park but it felt 100% Shore and that was the best part.

Sunday we stayed closer to home as I slept in, a rarity, and while so doing, did NOT awaken my wife while trying to stay quiet. (I am not good at staying quiet and never have been). A quiet walk in the morning took me past the Blackstone Apartments, a few steps from our house, and a sort-of wild life sanctuary that the flung bird seed from the feeder you can hardly see in the picture has created by sprouting and none of the gardening guys have the heart to cut it with a mower.

Makes me feel a little bit like Marlin Perkins though Omaha is another place I've never been (insert your favorite Three Dog Night song here.). Which brings us back to here, wondering how much has changed and never realizing we are what limits that change. Right now.
-bill kenny

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