Thursday, July 11, 2013

In a Quiet and Sociable Way......

We tend to speak of The Government in capital letters, but I spell my name at the bottom of this page with lower case. As someone in the employ of the federal government I've never really understood the often all consuming contempt for the rest of us who work for it. Something about hath not, organs, dimensions and eyes.....

I'll have a lot of time today to think about it as I'm off without pay and will be once a week, every week, at least through the end of September. If you thought the absence of agreement over immigration reform was bad, or are trying to understand what happened to farm price supports, welcome to Unintended Consequences, population: Us

And by us, I mean ALL of us. If you buy groceries subject to FDA health inspections, bank in a financial institution insured by the FDIC, take any form of medication approved by the NIH or the CDC (to name two) or have Social Security or Medicare, this is the same boat and we are all in it. 

And that short list is just the off the top of my head. With all the time I have on my hands today, just imagine how long it can grow to be.

Me and about two plus million other federal employees have discovered for our bosses (and yours) in elected office to lose ten pounds, we need to take up jogging. As you might understand, I've been scouting for all the really good places to collect bottles and cans that have a deposit because I can definitely afford to take a 20 percent pay cut, but not indefinitely. 

You should start looking, too, because all that stuff Federal employees buy-well we still will, just not so by about 20%, leaving you and your business with a hole in your bottom line that will get passed along and passed along some more. 

You'll have to forgive me if I have blind animus right now directed at the Party of Lincoln (as if they'd actually let him join it), Republicans, who pledged allegiance to the Koch Brothers and the United States of Lipton

The results of the 2012 Election should have shown them their 'my way or the highway//All or Nothing at All' approach was less than a success at the ballot box. Turns out, they can't count. Never mind-they had a Plan B.

Now in the House of Representatives a handful of gerrymandered jihadists have declared a fiscal fatwa and are throwing a hissy fit while holding their breath until someone else turns red, white and, finally, blue. 

Consider me your sneak preview of coming distractions. If you liked the way we chose to help Wall Street but not Main Street, you'll love what's next.
-bill kenny

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