Saturday, July 6, 2013

And Change Back

The expression goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.

I have no idea in this era of "hi-res" imagery if the exchange differs with the pixel count. 

I'll let you sort that out, or not, as you wish.

All across the USA since probably Wednesday night, people have been enjoying fireworks to commemorate our Declaration of Independence.  What you're looking at here are from our celebration in Norwich, Connecticut at our Harbor last night.

You're welcome. 

Without harshing your star-spangled buzz, I will point out currently in our nation's capital, named for our first President, we have a legislative and executive branch of government pretty much at war with one another.

The Executive Branch has been on a decade long witch hunt through surreptitious means to find traitors and enemies. They've been very successful, in my opinion, in making both.  

The Legislative branch can't do anything because one chamber is controlled by one party and the other chamber is controlled by the other party, and actually by a sect/faction of that party that's not satisfied with anything less than ideological purity and conformity, even at the expense of governance.

Now that we've all enjoyed the fireworks, let's do something together for the rest of the year and put our nation back together in the manner our Founders intended, for the greatest good and the good of all. And stop being so damn short-sighted and adamant in our ignorance and arrogance. 
-bill kenny 

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