Monday, July 15, 2013

Finger Pointing

By now we've all read the news today, oh boy. And like so much else in our lives, the vast majority of all of it, like an iceberg, is below the surface. And we have a well-known aversion for doing anything but scratching the surface. 

We are the MOST complex species on the planet, the Crown of Creation if you so choose. We have to stop settling for simple solutions to extremely complicated problems and accept that any true and lasting answer will involve hard work, good will and open hearts and minds. If we are unable, or unwilling, to make that effort, we need to cash in our belly buttons and drop out of the human race. 

There will come a time when we speak aloud all of our hopes and fears for ourselves and our loved ones. In the matter of Trayvon Martin, perhaps a social media outreach such as this can be a tool (not necessarily the tool) to build bridges of understanding between and among communities not yet comfortable with the realization there is a problem at all. 

I'm not in charge of absolute right and wrong. It was not my son shot to death nor was it my child charged with that crime. But in a world unfolding around us we need to see such events in a context that allows us to own the emotions and consequences for all the actions that led to it, and which will forever follow it.

That Trayvon Martin died is, and will always remain, a tragedy but if we do not learn and understand the reasons why, and how we must alter the mindset behind those reasons, then and only then will his death have been for nothing.
-bill kenny