Monday, July 29, 2013

I Never Knew What You all Wanted

You think you're ready and then you learn, too late, you're not. After all this time, scientists still haven't put surprise on the Periodic Table of Elements though it's the one element most of us are the most familiar with and accustomed to.

Proved it to myself yesterday though I had some help. My sister's daughter, my niece (and technically my first niece so it was important she set a good example for all the nieces and nephews to follow) posted a photo of our family's past I had passed out of.  

This was the house our parents, Joan and Bill (Senior) Kenny, had for our summers and vacations starting in the early 1970's at Harvey's Lake the largest natural lake in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (it was just beyond 'The Big D', Dallas, which itself was just beyond Wilkes-Barre half of the Twin Cities, the other half being Scranton (only separated by eighteen miles). Cannot make this stuff up though others have had little trouble. 

Pole 274 as large as life and certainly larger than in my memory while it was on my monitor yesterday morning. A house that looked nothing like I remembered it and yet everything like it with current current owners who remain as blithely oblivious to my existence as I to theirs until yesterday. 

There were some interesting comments from relatives and people I don't recall whom, I am assuming, were, and are, friends of the next wave of Kennys who enjoyed the house while my parents still owned it. 

For my part, it reminded me that the past doesn't always stay where you put it. On your way to whom you wish to be next, you get lost, distracted and overtaken by events. You can move from leading to following in the same breath and never know where it is you're going until long after you've arrived. Pacing the cage
-bill kenny

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