Friday, February 21, 2014

A Cure for that Irony Deficiency

During these winter months across a not inconsiderable amount of the country we're all bundled up and, depending on the outside temperature, spending a lot more time inside suffering from the seasonal blahs in terms of temperament and frame of mind.

A lot of us non-doctor types describe it as an Iron shortage and leave it at that and usually a couple of extra glasses of milk a week or some Vitamin D supplements will fix us right up.

If you've been suffering through this long, cold, lonely winter, I hope George is right and you feel better soon. I will concede that while I can do NOTHING about your low iron count, I do have something for your irony shortage.

You are welcome. And, sorry Al; I'm thinking sometimes He does stand-up and we're the punch line, just wiggling and hissing.
-bill kenny

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