Saturday, February 8, 2014

Newspaper Taxis Appear on the Shore

I don't sit up to watch the late night guys (it is all guys, isn't it? There are no late night women. On television I mean. Weird.). I discovered a long time ago when I still taped things and now DVR them (the poor TiVo guys. Did they get screwed in all of this or what? Made money for about an hour, I guess) that I didn't like to watch shows that way because they felt wrong. A time of day thing, more or less, but not sure if it's me or the shows.

But having typed all of that, I find something that happened while Jay Leno and his chin were saying goodbye (again) on NBC, this over on CBS, and it is amazing even though I haven't ever really warmed to the music of either son of  the late John Lennon but I will concede when you surround Sean with The Flaming Lips, he is fine.

The symmetry of the full circle we've now come. A song that Sean's dad always claimed was inspired by his brother Julian's drawing, now offered as the 50th anniversary of the Dad's band performing on CBS (Ed Sullivan to be specific) looms large.

I was hoping they might have encored with my favorite Flaming Lips' song but it's just as well they didn't as my videotape deck is in the repair shop and won't be fixed until it's 1981 again.
-bill kenny

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