Friday, February 7, 2014

Бу́дет и на на́шей у́лице пра́здник.

If you can't stand the wait for the games of the XXII Olympic Winter Games to begin, you don't have to anymore and can sit down as they started yesterday.

What makes me sad is that (no one's fault it's how we are as a world) not all the sports are created equal so that today will be the opening ceremonies brought to us by corporate conglomerates whose annual earnings is beyond our powers of comprehension, won't pay for every sport to be in prime time all the time so some athletes toil in obscurity (which is a suburb of Sochi I'm told).

I don't really follow the Winter Games-my favorite outdoor winter sport is going back into the warm house but again this Olympics, the IOC said "no" to that idea as a medal sport. Cold-hearted ba$tards (of course).

All of the sports and the accomplishments of all of the athletes are amazing, even curling. I like making fun of curling because it's an easy topic but I remember picking up the slider, or disc, used in it and being surprised at its weight and shape. When I watch it on TV it looks like 'anyone can do that' and that's true but only in how far that goes. Not anyone can do it well.

I am sort of rooting for the USA Women's Bobsled team because Lolo Jones, the hard luck hurdler from the Beijing and London Olympic Games is one of three pushers/brakemen (women?) on the team but with everyone helmeted and star-spangle spandexed I'm not sure who I'm rooting for except maybe a patriotic blur.

I do believe in light of the craziness in the world and the lengths that crazies who have nothing to live for will go to prove they have something to die for (as long as they can make others die for it, too), perhaps an interlude to just enjoy people trying their hardest, though not for a Klondike Bar, should have to suffice. While I'll cheer Team USA, I'll root for Team World and hope you'll do the same.

 -bill kenny

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