Sunday, February 23, 2014

Mr. Showalter Has Halted

When people say Truman, I'm never sure if they mean Capote, the movie with Jim Carrey or the 33rd President who was opposed to any attempt to air condition food preparation areas.

I'm thinking about the man from Independence, Missouri when I read this from ESPN as the Miami Dolphins begin counting the costs of mistreating Jonathan Martin. Small potatoes. Not for Martin but for everybody else.

I think just having to admit they are/were connected with the Miami Dolphins is punishment and maybe punishment enough, but I've rooted for the Jets (okay in my desultory fashion that masquerades as loyalty) since they were the Titans, so I may be biased.

(Attempted) Humor aside, unless one of those minions sacked is also moonlighting as the head coach, general manager or even the owner, the net isn't wide enough and not enough pain has been inflicted. If that's a little too Old Testament for you, sorry, except I'm just apologizing to be polite; I'm not really sorry but I am angry and you should be as well.

Bear in mind in the context of the universe, all of this is less than a blip on the screen but within the confines of the only life Jonathan Martin and his family and friends will ever know, what went on was huge and inexcusable. Or perhaps inexcusably huge or even inexhugeable (patent pending).

And the Dolphins have decided the guy who hands out the towels, in essence, is one of the culprits. Not sure what the wire diagram of their organization looks like but it must be a work of modern art if they can hold the offensive line coach responsible for what happened but the head coach isn't accountable.

And as I said earlier, if I had any passion as a fan of the Dolphins or the NFL in general, it would be shaken now and I would be crimson with embarrassment. But a heaping helping of comfortably numb is the best I can do and I'm thankful I see the NFL as a multi-billion dollar multi-platform entertainment entity designed to leave 'em laughing when they go.

Except it never leaves, and now, never will. Pro sports is life, many of its loudest apologists tell us. Yeah, I know. I'm thinking that's my problem with it.
-bill kenny

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