Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Return of Unmentionables and the White House

Back in the pre Pre Fab Sprout era was (there's a few reference, and not just you, will not get) a former Democratic Governor of Arkansas ("The Natural State") who in his quest for the Oval Office, used the music still-playing music version of Music Television (MTV) to help him on his (successful despite a dalliance with Gennifer Flowers) journey to two terms in the Oval Office.

He wailed on saxophone thus staking his claim to the bebop hipster doofus vote but contrary to popular memory that musical interlude was actually with Arsenio Hall whereas the Moment of Zen on MTV might well have been this "Inquiring Minds Want to Know" question from Vox Publicum . 

I concede that as questions go, it's better than "if you were to cloud what kind would you be?" that I always expect George Will to ask, and then answer, himself usually followed by a very bizarre baseball sort of trivia question because George loves baseball more than life itself, but like life, understands not so much.

The moment is a landmark in American Presidential politics or was, until Monica Lewinsky's dry cleaning was picked up but in the course of the last decade and a half, decorum has more or less ruled and it's been kinda quiet on the foundation garments front. And thank you, all of you, for that. 

Until this. I can well imagine the "cringeworthy" commando factor Bradley had experiences as, hand on heart, I had experienced my own while reading that report in an online feed. I found it odd to The NY Daily News Ellen would use "Hot Scoop" Degeneres as a source since I suspect she herself would be surprised. 

My concern now, of course, is if we have guests who went 'unten ohne' while visiting the White House (as Angela Merkel might say), just how big a couch is Ellen having on the show to hold them all. I, for one, hope they bring their own sheet music.
-Bill kenny

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