Monday, December 29, 2014

Days Off and Daze Off

I work at a job where I get time off in hours-sounds complicated and maybe it is, but not not to me. For every two weeks, I work (80 hours) I get a day (8 hours) off. I hadn't planned on huge amounts of unused vacation time but ended up with it again and having found myself deemed "not integral to the mission" back in October 2013 when the Federal Government temporarily imploded, I've now finally taken the hint and don't offer anything to anyone in the workplace at anytime beyond that for which they pay. 

Park Congregational Church, Broadway, Norwich, CT
Around Halloween, I did some calendar calculating and cherry-picked days and dates for my "vacation" time designed to consume my "excess leave" by the end of the year. I've been on vacation for just about ten days and will be on vacation through the first week of the new year. Despite that, I'll still end up "losing" vacation time but I'm not going to drive myself crazy worrying about it. Besides, I'm so close I can walk. 

Spaulding Pond, Mohegan Park, Norwich, CT
Understand the mind of the egotist whose musings you are reading. I hate going on vacation--I very much define myself by what I do (thanks, Dad), so days off are like being in limbo (though since I'm baptized, I suppose Purgatory is more accurate) or on hold. I'm not actually 'doing' anything so I'm not being anyone. To compound matters, at some point last week I've picked up a cold that's a lot of annoying sniffles bunched together so I can feel sorry for myself while I'm not doing anything or being anyone.

Flag Pole rack at Chelsea Parade, Norwich, CT
We had lovely weather this weekend (which is where the pictures you're looking at came from), warm and mostly sunny (okay, on Friday and Saturday; not so much on Sunday) so I'm bracing for snow since it is the end of December and we have pine trees NOT palm trees in New England for a reason. But if we were to get no snow I promise to try to be brave and not cry too much. This being on vacation is a hard job especially if you don't weaken.
-bill kenny

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