Saturday, December 6, 2014

Field of Schemes

I stopped following college football decades ago. Cynics suggested it was right after I started attending Rutgers University who used to play Princeton, Delaware, Lehigh and Villanova but who now play, and lose to the likes of TOSU (The Ohio State University) and just about any Big Ten football team with a pulse.  Imagine my surprise to learn my desertion didn’t start a trend.

Division I college football is a multi-multi-billion dollar business that, if the stories are true, is  traceable to the Rutgers-Princeton football game in 1869 (PPV available for only $29.99 on Channel 1104); I told Matthew Brady that motion pictures not stills were the wave of the future but he scoffed as he drove off in his Edsel.

College sports began as a game, but as I just mentioned, it didn’t stay there. But while money fixes everything, to include player recruitment and other aspects, sometimes the money breaks and the sport alone finds itself on life support until some college or university pulls the plug.

That’s what happened in Alabama where the phrase that pays Is Roll, Tide, but, down the street, Blaze the Dragon will be riding off into the sunset.  I’m sure the students and alumni also turned out en masse to protest the defunding of the new Chem Lab, but due to technical difficulties we don’t have footage of that. 

Meanwhile, in a throwback to a simpler America when “service academy” rivalries mattered and people like Joe Bellino and Roger Staubach played for the Blue and Gold, I discovered the United States Military Academy at Annapolis (still) has an A/V club-at least I am assuming they do based on this ‘spirit’ video released (escaped might be a better word) prior to next Saturday’s clash with the men of West Point.

I have the feeling John Paul Jones might have something to say about all of this and that it probably doesn't have anything to do with those reissues of the Led Zeppelin catalog.
-bill kenny

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