Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Still Doesn't Answer the "Does IT Stink?" Question

With my apologies to the childhood nursery rhyme I'm about to peremptorily plagiarize and ruin, for you, forever, "Twinkle, twinkle little turd, what people do is so absurd."

What is it the kids type? SMH (shake my head).
I'm doing it so hard right now it sounds like I'm priming a can of spray paint. I'm so hoping today no one in the animal species enrolls in Hooked on Phonics because if any other life form cracks the code, learns to read and comes across this article our days at the top of the food chain are not only limited, but over.

In my lifetime we've gone from innovators and pioneers such as Jonas Salk to whomever invented this stuff but if I were to be honest the inventor isn't my sole source of discomfit.

Show of hands. Who buys this stuff? Keep 'em up boy-o and let's make sure all of us get to eyeball you knuckleheads. Thanks, you can put 'em down now.
And in this self-aggrandizing, narcissistic 'dig me digging myself' culture in which we live, when are the selfies (or would we call them 'poopies'?) or Vine videos going to start to populate the social media we cannot live without?

No more calls please, we have a winner.
-bill kenny

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