Monday, December 22, 2014

It's All Dark

As my brother Adam pointed out yesterday, it's all blue skies and green lights from here until June, philosophically speaking (sort of). From now on when someone says 'run to daylight' you'll have just a little more everyday until you don't.

The image above is what the winter solstice sky looked like as a time lapse image last year. We really are surrounded by beauty if and when we take the trouble to look up and see it. Here's the really clever article I lifted the image from because I understood the picture but the words not so much.

Perhaps in honor of the winter solstice or (more likely) to help me remember I live in New England we had some, not much (and I'm not complaining either) snow yesterday morning while I got my steps in trudging to the market and back on a day where I was always going to see my breath no matter what time I was outside.

It's humbling, I think, to be reminded that there are greater things in the universe than ourselves and/or the latest iPhone (often the latter is regarded as an extension of the former which isn't quite as scary as vice versa). It helps us remember that when it's always darkest before the dawn, we don't have to hang on for quite as long today as we did yesterday.

Hope comes in all sizes and harmonies. On this winter night with you.
-bill kenny

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