Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Every Breath You Take

I think I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday-I'm pretty sure assuming that all the stuff I've ordered on line is still on track to be here by Wednesday I am well on my way to being one pretty happy fellow.

I was out yesterday to scoop up something for my wife, and thanks to an "app" on my smart phone, saved ten dollars while so doing. Yay me! Of course, I'm not me if before I go to the shop that I have the electronic coupon for, I also go to a different store 'just in case.'

They didn't have the item at all, much less at a price better than the technology could have provided but they did show me even smarter apps for the dumbest of smart phones to include one that is so American, it made me smile.

Say hello to the Breathometer, as seen on Shark Tank (I love that part nearly as much as the show makes me want to throw up in my own, and maybe yours as well, mouth). Considering the going price for a DUI here in the Land of Steady Habits (fine + court costs + license suspension + insurance rate increases), at just $99.99 (plus 6.25% sales tax), it's a bargain in every box.

The in-store display is superlative, it really is. Those sharks knew they were on to something when the folks who came up with this item begged for financing. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, which is a LOT more than you can say about any hangover you're likely to get. Or, in this case, to avoid by not drinking to excess and driving.

I'll give the Breathometer this, it adds new meaning to the question of "how many bars do you have?" I'm thinking if you consistently hit two fewer than the number your phone displays, you'll get your money back in next to no time, especially if you drink a cup of kindness and chase it with a beer.
-bill kenny

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