Saturday, December 20, 2014

I'm Hiding in Havana

Perhaps in honor of the anniversary of the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System, I should sport my I Like Ike button except I have no idea what anniversary it might be and I don’t have a button, just this picture of one (Cue Ringo).

After all, the only other thing we might commemorate is the failure of John Foster Dulles’ strategy to isolate and punish Cuba for choosing a form of government JF’s boss, the aforementioned father of the interstate, disapproved.

And the band played on or it did until this past Wednesday when the Worst. Marxist. Muslim. Kenyan. Communist. President. Ever. re-wrote American (and world) history

It was a pretty safe gamble, actually, since most of the people in this country who care anything at all about any kind of history are in the White House while those who think history has something to do with clearing your web browser so your spouse doesn’t find the porn sites are in the Senate.  

Poor Putin. Left at the altar as Fidel and Raoul bolt from the crash landing of the Crimea Caper. Between the international sanctions and the bottom dropping out of the barrel price of oil, Vlad the Impaler might want to reconsider the shirtless he-man look.  Every time I see that Horseback Mountain picture, I think he’s auditioning for this guy’s job.

Nope. As it happens, it took us fifty-five or so years to bridge 90 miles of water and to stop punishing a lot of people who had no role in what precipitated the punishment in the first place, assuming they were, in fact, even on earth when it began. 

For some, home for the holidays just took on a deeper and far more personal meaning. Meanwhile for others, it’s time to reach for the wipes and clean the fan blades.
-bill kenny  

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