Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Best to You Each Morning

I don't do fast food anymore. A couple of years back I ran out of people to blame for why I was still in such terrible physical shape and was forced to harangue the bozo whose visage I saw in the mirror in the morning while trying to shave.

I can see why people don't like me; I was, and actually still am, very mean and caustic. Finally cornered into taking responsibility, I stopped hitting the Golden Arches and all the other joints on  the way to work shortly before it would have required a team of grown men with a crane to get me out of the driver's seat of the car.

I was unprepared for the fervor that greeted the advent of all-day breakfast at the McDonald's places across the country last week. It was almost Second Coming in tenor and tone and I wondered if anyone from corporate had approached Pope Francis on his waving a hashbrown while riding shotgun in that Fiat from the airplane to the terminal.  

Upset? Sorry. We have different definitions of humor. My first choice had been happy meals at a repurposing of The Last Supper, but even I had some trouble with that.

Just not enough trouble, I guess.
Actually, the funniest reaction of all about (EMUA) Egg McMuffins Uber Alles was from places like Denny's and IHOP who took to twitter to mention they have had 24/7 breakfast for decades and to welcome Mickey D's to the Breakfast Club.

I did read where the McDonald's all day breakfast menu may not include the McGriddle among other items about which there seemed to be some gnashing of teeth. All I can offer as solace is to always remember that blood is thicker than water, and maple syrup is thicker than blood so pancakes technically are actually more important than family. QED.
-bill kenny


Lee Hilliard said...

Now, to eliminate the source of those cheese-steaks! Health up, & let's go Mets!

William Kenny said...

Phinish with Phily's? Say it ain't so!