Tuesday, October 6, 2015

No Sense Makes Sense

I’ve refrained from commenting about the murderous tragedy that befell Roseburg, Oregon because sometimes there are no words to say that will reduce by even one, the river of tears shed for all those who lost someone last Thursday at Umpqua Community College. 

Even people such as Randy Scroggins whose avocation and profession is to be an emissary and intermediary between and among us here on earth and God, in whatever form you perceive Her/Him to be, cannot find the words to salve the scars and bind the wounds, physical, emotional and moral left by an act that, because we are rational beings, we cannot grasp because it is beyond all reason and reasoning.

All I will say and have heard said far better by far more qualified people is that how we live and come out with one another in this country has to change-why this conclusion continues to be too hard to accept or to be shared is beyond me.

But it cannot and it must not remain beyond all of us who mean well, which I assume is EACH of us, to do well and help heal the hurt in our hearts and in one another.
-bill kenny

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