Sunday, October 4, 2015

Voices Carry

There’s an event, geographically specific today (weather permitting) in Washington DC but the physical location isn’t, for me, as important as the state of mind we each should have when we approach the subject of the event, in our heads and in our hearts, as we all shall do at some point during our stay on The Big Blue Marble.

This is short and sweet today, not a plethora of hyperlinks to offer facts that buttress your own experiences in your own life over how many of us need help and the variety of ways and means such help is required and urgently needed. Sometimes too much sadness is too much sorrow. Suffice it to say, each of us is broken. It's how we reassemble the pieces that counts

Some of us use prayer, others therapy, counseling, will-power and the road to rescue goes on forever. But today, if you’re not in DC, wherever you are, be mindful there are people who appear to be fine who are the world’s greater actors because they’re crippled inside and can use a hand, yours, in particular, to help them regain and retain equilibrium in this topsy-turvy world.

It’s a big ocean to be so alone in such a small boat. When you cannot find a kind person to help you through your troubles, why not be one yourself so you can become that kind person for someone else?

Not just today, but every day and night

-bill kenny    

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