Sunday, October 11, 2015

Breeze Blows Leaves of a Musty Colored Yellow

I am as you probably know based on the number of times I've whined about it in this space, NOT a fan of Autumn, not for anything about Autumn but because of what follows it.

Using that same logic, you could make the argument that I should be a HUGE fan of Winter because it precedes Spring. Sorry, no and you get no credit for a good try.

All of that said, yesterday was spectacular weather and we are promised more of the same or very close to it for the next two days. Perhaps in some far corner of the universe, the Universal Consciousness has a soft spot for Christopher Columbus. Or not.

Anyway. I put yesterday's weather to good use and went for my just about most favorite walk in Norwich. Thanks to technology, you're coming along, too.

Not a train song, a train bridge.
Uncas Leap Falls
A new view from a spot I never realized existed on the Yantic River.
A riot of colors on School and Cedar Streets.
Just realized our City Hall is flanked by two churches.
Little Plains Park.
No one I think is in my tree....
Yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac.
-bill kenny

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