Saturday, July 16, 2016

Change Is the Only Constant

I was born shortly before General Dwight Eisenhower became the presidential nominee of the Republican Party in 1952. As I’ve understood the history (American and World) of that era, he promised if elected to end the Korean War. He was elected and then re-elected.

I have lived my entire life, so far, with nothing more than an armistice ‘between the two Koreas,’ and  judging from headlines at almost any point in the last sixty-five years, certainly nothing close to a peace treaty.

My Mom’s (middle younger) brother, John, was wounded while serving in the US Army, back when we had a draft and compulsory service, during the Korean War. I never remember him speaking about it, ever. 

Quite frankly, I’ve met a few people who served during the Korean War and none of them have ever spoken about what any of it was about or what their time in service there was like. I take it on faith that this account is reasonably accurate but defer to those who were there.       

This morning at 11 at the Richard E. Hourigan VFW Post 594, up in the Norwich Business Park, is a Korean Veterans  Ceremony which organizers hope will add to a better understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices and service the men and women of the American military have offered during the Korean War, 1950-1953, to and through this very day, where it seems to me, the more the calendar changes, the more often we frequently wonder what it was that changed.
-bill kenny

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