Thursday, July 14, 2016

It's Better to Bern Out

I guess at some point this weekend I'll scrape the "Feel the Bern" sticker off the back window of the car. If I don't, I risk being like that guy in the late Nineties with the "Bring Back Mono" button on his sweater. Actually, I was that guy (I wonder what happened to that sweater).

Tuesday afternoon, as you must know by now, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party's nomination for President. Senator Sanders did it about a month after the last of 13 million other people had endorsed her in the 2016 primaries and caucuses but it's the thought that counts.

As a relentless pragmatic, I had no illusions even as I donated to his campaign repeatedly that he would or could capture the nomination. I chose to interpret his slogan, "It's not me. It's US" to mean the United States and that he was seeking to move one of the two nearly identical political parties in a new direction.

I choose to believe some of the millions whom he incited and ignited to be involved in our political processes will stay engaged and choose to light the way and lead those who think as they do to rededicate themselves to the principles upon which we tell one another the nation was founded but from which we have so badly drifted in recent years. I believe in next times and in as often it takes to have them so that we all win.

He made D. H. Lawrence's A Sane Revolution not so much for fun though there were some great moments along the way but more in dead earnest. What we take and make of what he helped lead huge numbers of people to is what makes the next weeks and months interesting.

Me? I'm struggling to overcome my antipathy towards one major party candidate because I know the thought of the other causes me to throw up, just a little, in my own mouth. Truth to tell, put them both in a sack and whack the sack with a bat and you hit the right one. I have some long nights between now and Election Day, but what really causes me to lose sleep is what happens on the morning of November 9th. So if, like me, you talk in your sleep, don't sleep.
-bill kenny

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