Friday, July 29, 2016

Where Was this in February?

I think our heat wave ended, technically, yesterday. From what I understand of the TV weather folks a heat wave is three or more consecutive days with temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, as opposed to the temperature Ray Bradbury wrote about.

I do not enjoy winter weather. I do not enjoy it so much that from the time Spring arrives I start worrying about how much closer that makes the next winter, ruining my enjoyment of both spring and summer. Autumn I dislike because it makes my fretting official when I'd much rather be warm.

Here in the parts of the Northeast in which I live, southern New England (technically, Connecticut which some folks in other New England states don't really think of as New England at all), we get humid as well as heat which is a combination that doesn't do wonders for my disposition.

And considering what a horse's behind I often am just getting up in the morning, I don't really need humidity percentages that parallel temperatures. I have this thing about breaking a sweat just standing in one place in an open-neck shirt with shorts not doing anything at all except breathing.

This time around we had (I think) eight days of plus ninety-degree heat with the last four or five coming with a side order of high humidity as well. Causes the kind of late afternoon early evening rain showers that mean lots of dark clouds followed by almost a minute of rain. Enough rain to not break the humidity and to actually increase how humid the air is.

Lather, rinse and repeat. Not helping is that we really haven't had a lot of rain, or snow (not that I complained) since the year began. We have a rainfall deficit of close to nine inches so far for the year or so I am told by some very disappointed ducks.

So I'm hoping for the ducks' sake, if the heatwave is over for now (we have the dog days of August to get through and right now the pound is closed), that we get some rainfall we can actually measure so that the ducks and the farmers who need the help can get the help.

Yesterday in front of These Guys Brewing Co. on Franklin Street
Meanwhile, I'll go ahead and start to rearrange the garage and move the snowblower closer to the front, start waxing the shovels and look into that time-share on a husky team.
-bill kenny  

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