Saturday, July 29, 2017

Call Me Ishamel

Everyone in my house has laughed for years and years at my failed attempts to get a picture or a video of ANY of the many hummingbirds who frequent the feeders my wife has put out for them around the back doors of our house, just off the stoop in the short part of the yard between the house and the garage.

But they can laugh no more. Yesterday morning my pursuit was crowned by success though I will concede if you blink, you may miss my moment of triumph so don't.

Next up, the Yeti and maybe some of whatever scary monsters are in that swamp in DC the Petulant Pantload is always so upset about. 
-bill kenny


Nat said...

Great Job Mr Deville!! No need for me to tell you it's difficult to capture them ...

William Kenny said...

Thanks for the kind words and the stop-by. Hope you are well!