Sunday, July 9, 2017

Douche Donut Daddy-O

I spend a lot of time worrying about being a good father. Cynics have suggested if I spent more time working to be a better dad I could spend less time worrying about it but I have decided when people go low like that, I go lower

Anyway, I can rest assured somewhat I'll get a Father's Day card next year, especially if either of our children run across this news item from the Great State of Maine. When I read it in our local newspaper yesterday morning, there was no photo and I imagined what Christopher Peare looked like. 

You cannot imagine my joy, actual full-throated delight, at finding a photo of Chris that confirmed my small-minded snap judgment of him. There's righteous and then there's self-righteous and I say Bring Out the Hellman's and Bring Out the Best. You could see my glow of sanctimonious self-satisfaction from space.

I loved the part in the AP account where it's not clear if Mr. Peare has an attorney because representation is as an integral a part of American jurisprudence as the presumption of innocence. What? 

Same charge five years ago in a different Maine city (and with a different child)? Chris, I think you should put the gamer console down, and pass the dutchie from the left-hand side as I suspect your musical youth is just about over. 
-bill kenny

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