Monday, July 10, 2017

Grow Old Along with Me

Sigrid and I had the house to ourselves this past weekend and some wonderful summer temperatures and weather as well. At times, it was a lot like BTK, Before The Kids. It was a lot of fun and certainly, as Hudson & Landry might say, a "real memory flogger.

We discovered, despite the accumulation of decades, we are very much the people we were when we met and married. I never had any doubts, and I'm not sure if Sigrid had any smiles at arriving at that conclusion, But, almost forty years on, she's still a very good sport and remains the most beautiful woman I have ever known.

Beautiful women age like fine wine; men age like spilled milk
The photo is from Saturday night's WNBA contest between the Connecticut Sun and the Washington Mystics, won by the Sun after staging a ferocious comeback, 96-92. Date night was a success I think and a preview, I hope, of our lives after retirement. I wouldn't want it any other way
-bill kenny

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